How do I vacuum my inground Pool?

2/11/2016 2:25:00 PM
I have been asked this question more than any other!
First let's identify some equipment. You should have a Pump, a filter, and maybe a heater. At the pool, you should have at least one skimmer (the square opening at the top of the pool wall where the water runs in).
Next, let's get out our vacuum equipment: 
  • vacuum hose
  • vacuum head
  • vacuum handle
First, we might need to adjust our valves that control the water flow into the pump. Go into the pool equipment area and find the valves that turn off the main drain and skimmer and any other suctions that may be coming from the pool. We want to suck through the vacuum hose that will be connected into the skimmer, so we will need to turn the main drain at least partially off. Now this is really the only place it gets a little tricky. The pump needs to run at full speed but if we shut off too much water supply, the pump will starve for water. Think of it like this -- sucking through a big fat straw at McDonald's is much easier than sucking through a skinny coffee straw. Bottom line, we want to close the main drain valve without starving our pump for water.
Next we want to assemble the vacuum. Attach the hose to the vac head and the handle to the vac head.
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